Thursday, February 15, 2007

Model Drama!

Buck Angel Speed Racer

I'm truly amazed at the level of stupidity of this one...

The backstory is this: I was shooting several scenes in Los Angeles at a great studio that has many sets. I'd just finished up a hot fucking scene with a Latino boy in a hardhat (wait until you see this!) and was waiting for my next model. He arrived, late, but whatever. He seemed a little confused about me - ahem, you answered an ad on Craigslist for models to fuck Buck Angel, The Man With a Pussy, on film - but after talking with him for a few minutes it seemed like all was going to be okay. This was his very first time - not totally unusual for me - so he was kind of nervous. The scene was short, sweet, and to the point. He came, we paid, he left.

So imagine my surprise when that evening I received this email from him (typos his own):

I’m the lawyer of the Actor “Jack Wolf” who appeard in your movie.
He”s real name is neither Jurgen Jack or Wolf
Real Name Michael Roberts jr. geb 25. 03.1989.
through he’s drug habbit to agree to shot this Video under heavy
drug influence and had false Identification as proof of his age.
I’d like to offer following following
pay Mr. Roberts 2000$ and send all copies to Attorny Office
and to forget about the whole situation
For Questions please contact
Dr.Steve Norman
323/630 1368

Ha ha ha ha - this one was FUNNY. Not only was it probably the most amateurish extortion attempt ever made, but he managed to send it from the very same email address he sent his original response looking for XXX work! I called him just for fun, couldn't reach anyone (surprise!), and got his personal info from his cell phone number.

Juergen Wolf

The photo above is him. I took this myself the other day (he's holding his ID!!!). These kind of guys are dangerous to the industry - because they could easily be unstable. So I put up another ad on Craigslist warning others in the adult industry:

I'd LOVE to be there when he sees it!!!



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