Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bucks Fucks

Bucks Fucks

I mentioned this last week but now I'm ready to let everyone know all about it...

I am starting a new contest specifically for my fans called BUCKS FUCKS

What I've noticed is that there are a lot of guys out there who really want the chance to fuck me on film but can't reveal their identity. Completely understandable. Up until now I haven't worked with anyone using hoods and such because I thought that was all my fans wanted to see. But you've told me that it's cool to see my partners wearing masks if it means more variety for you (you hot selfish bitches!) so this is what I came up with.

The contest is simple. You enter by sending me a short essay about yourself, why you want to be in porn, what your interests, fantasies, and limitations are, and why specifically you want to do a scene with Me. Send a picture (face obscured is fine). Ideally you're located in - or can travel to - Los Angeles, as this is where I shoot the majority of my scenes.

I will go through all of the entries each month or so - whenever I am planning to be in Los Angeles to shoot - and choose a lucky winner. No prior experience in porn is necessary, but you will have to abide by my health rules as well as be willing to provide a "money shot" (males only). You will be on film, you will be able to choose a stage name, you will be provided a variety of hoods or other identity concealments to wear, and you will receive a copy of the DVD that you are in once it has been completed!

Everyone is welcome to apply - men, women, transgendered, gay, straight, bi, whatever - and the winners will be announced in an ongoing way each time a new one is chosen.

The first winner has already been filmed - you see him in the hood in this post - so just remember THIS COULD BE YOU.



Bucks Fucks

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