Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another Dumbass!

People still don't get it!! Amazing, I have been on the net and in the public eye for over 3 years and people or should I say "fuckheads" still call me" she/it"!! They go on to say how tough looking I am and how I could probably kick their ass, well at least they have one thing right. It just never gets easier having to deal with morons. I bet the dumbshit has a small cock, smaller than my clit.

Oh I got off on a crazy spew and forgot to show you what I am talking about... here is the link. You decide! Does he have a small cock or is he just a moron. Check this out

Oh ya by the way my 8 x 10 is a big seller!!



lone*gunwoman said...

I guess he might have a cock, but even at his age, he didn't learn how to use it yet...poor guy. I see some severe lack of grown-up human behaviour, too.
Of course, someone who is as hot as you must make him extremely jealous.

*licks your...biceps*


Keltik said...

what a fucking loser... fuck 'em!