Tuesday, April 18, 2006

All Man Now!

I finally got my new Birth Certificate! There it is in black and white "MALE" under sex! I cannot believe it. Now no one can ever say I am not a "Man with a Pussy".

This is just so awesome.

So Playboy is flying me out tomorrow to Los Angeles to do the "Night Calls".
This is so cool. People are really getting into my work.

I also was contacted by the Swedish Gay Pride they want to fly me out to be a guest speaker and show my films! I will only be promoting my films now with Avalon as Robert Hill Releasing is totally screwing me and not paying me any of the money they owe me nor are they sending me any videos of mine to sell. They are a very horrible sketchy company and I urge anyone who wants to buy my films NOT to support them by buying any Robert Hill movies. I have to get a lawyer. Also any FTM guys that want to work I highly recommend you not do films with that comapny. You will be totally screwing yourself and also screwing me.

I am off to LA !




lone*gunwoman said...


Tony Comstock said...

Two words: Self Distribution

Higher margins, cash on the barrelhead, less time and money lost to deadbeats and lawyers.

Good luck!

Trapper said...

Congrats Buck! I recently stumbled upon your blog and then your site! You are one hot fucker!