Friday, August 19, 2005

I was in Los Angeles shooting all week. First I shot a scene for my friends new line of transsexual videos Ms. Allanah Star. This is a groundbreaking scene in the adult industry! A MTF and a FTM! It was such a HOT scene. I fucked her and she fucked me..of course with some pussy eating and some cocksucking as well.
Playboy TV was there to take in all the action. They did some interviews with us and taped some of the scene for the show!My great friend Tristan was there as well to get the scope for her column in the village voice.

Then on wed. I shot these new promo pics with this awesome photographer Shawn Smith.
This photo is from that shoot..wait till you see the rest. This guy is gonna be a star!

I spent time with one of my best friends Selene Luna.
We had such a blast. I also saw my great friend Katja Minx. She does lots of shooting for me.
I am so tired. Gonna take a small break from travel and get ready for Southern Decadence here in NOLA. A tv station from London is coming to shoot me during that. I will be shooting a new scene for my next film. Hopefully a hot gangbang scene.


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Gusty Winds said...

Hi Doll,

Love the site. I wanted to let you and your readers know of a new Drag Queen site,

It's loaded with pics of drag queens from all over the world. We'd love to have a photo of you at the site as well.

Oh yeah, membership is free, and you can contribute to the site in a number of fun and exciting ways.

I look forward to seeing you at the site,
Gusty Winds
My Favorite Drag Queen