Sunday, July 03, 2005


I got totally sick as a dog in Portland. That sucked! I was suppose to do so many things there and basically could only get myself well enough to do my talk at PSU with DARKLADY . Thanks god she was understanding. I almost went to the emergency I was so sick. I think I ate something bad on top of traveling to much, My body is exhausted. I am taking a break from travel for one month.

The talk at PSU was great I got loads of great feedback and even had like 6-10 FTM guys there. COOL! Because they seem to finally be coming around more in support of my work. They hate the fact that I call my hole "pussy". But what they fail to realize is it is just a fucking word and basically I am a business man and I am selling a product. The best way to sell a product is the use of words (specially words that get people turned on). Plus I call my hole all kinds of things not just pussy..I call it, Manhole, hole, cunt, fuckhole, and even snatch sometimes!

I had to cancel a shoot with THETHRILLHAMMER because I was so sick. I was looking so forward to that. But A said we could reschedule and that he was really looking forward to shooting with me. I love that people in the industry are fin
ally opening up to working with me. It sucks being a pioneer!

DARKLADY had a really nice meet and greet for me on the Friday that I got in. That was fun even though I was sick. Lots of nice people in Portland. I will for sure head back that way again. Sasha from bearfilms was there and we hit it off, Really HOT guy.

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MasterABD said...


Hopefully you are feeling a bit better then you were in portland. You will find pioneers make the most money in the adult industry (I am sure you already found this to be true), it just takes a whole lot of extra work to get accepted.