Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More bang for a buck!

Kitty took me to the gulf coast for my birthday. We went to look at some property and then off to stay the night at a cool hotel on the beach. First we stopped at the Casino "Treasure Bay" to have some dinner at this really cool pirate cove fine casual diner( whatever that means) The food was really great. I got to eat off my diet for my birthday ( I am trying to lose fat for my next video). I had a big ass steak dinner and chocolate cake. I also got to smoke my cigar during dinner which I love doing.
So after the really nice dinner we went down to the casino just for a second as we both do not like to gamble but always like to just put a dollar into a machine that has the word "Buck" on it. We have been prett lucky with those!
Walking around what do we find.."More bang for a Buck" machine!! Kitty puts a dollar in and next thing you know we walk away with $150 bucks! WOOHOO! Thats such a great sign as that is the name of my next video I am working on now.
A great birthday indeed!!

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