Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dallas Fetish Ball 2010

This year I was asked to come and perform at the Dallas Fetish Ball. My first time to Dallas so I was super excited as I have lots of fans there. I made it a pretty fast trip because I just returned from NYC the week before from a 2 week trip of late night shows and my body was super tired.

I flew into Dallas on Friday and picked up by Don the promoter. Taken to my hotel to chill out because I was going to the Meat and Great later to sign and sell merch. I got to meet so many great people. Dallas is a super cool place( except that the roads are a mess) . I was treated super and even taken out to BBQ at Peggy Sue's. Yummy Yummy!

I did two interviews while there. One with my buddy Richard Hunter. Who has interviewed me before in Vegas. Here is that interview.

Also I did an interview for a new show called The Fetish Show. You can hear it now. Interview with Buck Angel

The next day I did a fast rehearsal for my show because I had to remove the "sex" part of it. I was performing in the USA and Texas, And there is none of that allowed! Finished up and then off to the gym for a quick workout.

Then back to the club for my show. I was on second to last, Rubberdoll was on last. Here is a sneak peak at part of the show. You can see the rest on my members site

I have great combo pack sale with my films ULTIMATE FUCKING CLUB 1 AND 2

Ok that's it for now. I will keep you posted with some new cool stuff happening in the near future. Thanks for supporting my work!


Buck Angel

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