Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Best of Buck

Just returned from a month on the road. That was super intense. First I performed and showed a film a made exclusivly for the Edmonton Queer Arts Fest. called “THE BEST OF BUCK” Everyone loved it and I got 2 standing ovations. I was so nervous to watch how people reacted a just stood outside the filming. Then after I was called onstage to talk and answer questions about my work. that was fun as I really enjoying speaking to people.

The next day I was doing a live modeling show for artists. That was a blast and I had someone film that so I got some great footage for my reality show on

Then I performed at steamworks where I did a live show and had a great write up on the show here on
story_main_buckangel2.jpgBut before the show Jackson who was one of the organizers of the show is also a photographer asked me to shot some photos with him. So of course I was excited( we have actually been trying to get that going for a while) I love the way they came out. I will be posting some later but here is a shot from behind the scenes.

IMG_1398From Edmonton I flew back to Mexico for one night to change my bags then off to Los Angeles to shoot for a new show on Spike TV.I was super excited as this was my first really mainstream tv show. I have been trying to get people to give me more of a chance on tv in the USA but they are so closed minded when it comes to a pornstar.

After that I was shooting for a new HBO show about the sex industry and then I did a 3 hour long interview with my buddy and co-author for my book Shaun Proulx. We shot at his hotel in west hollywood. Read the whole story on Shaun’s blog here.


Finally I got to meet for breakfast with my great friend Selene Luna. She just bought a new car, a mini!! She looks so hot driving it.


Then the next day I did a DVD signing at the Dyke bar Palms in WEHO. There is a club called Strapped there. loved meeting all my gay lady friends and spending time with them It’s so great to see my female fan base grow.

Ok this was probably the freakiest part of the trip..I got an email from Tyra banks Show and they asked me to fly to NYC for the show. I was already scheduled for a show the next night so I had to fly the redeye that night and do the show that next day to be wisked back to the airport to get my butt to Austin Young’s show downtown called BEYOND DRAG. I actually did it! But I am paying the price now. I am so exhausted. that is really hard on the body! I will talk more about the show later, But it airs in Feb.

Then the next day I was off to SF where I did a DVD signing at my friend Paul King’s tattoo shop Cold Steel on Haight street. I had a really great turn out. Amazing people came to see me.

Finally I am home and now resting up for my next trip which will be the Athens, Greece Porn Film Festival.

Oh one last thing! My friend Tristan Taormino mentioned me in one of her new interviews in Fleshbot. Check out the interview on her it’s great and see what she said.


Buck Angel

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