Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ace Hotel and Buck Angel VOD

The ACE Hotel is now streaming my film BUCK OFF at their hotel! Check out the press release and the cool hotel. I feel so honored to be among some of the hottest porn to be showing at this cool hotel! Also below is a list of the films streaming..WOOF!


Exciting news! BUTT has curated the selection of pay-per-view gay porn movies at the Ace Hotel New York and Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs. We were invited by the Ace to create the ideal jerk off experience for the cultured and horny hotel homo. Our staff selected 16 films we love that present a historic timeline of the best that gay porn has to offer, with a spotlight on our personal porno obsessions. The films will launch as part of the Ace’s video-on-demand system on November 1st, 2009. BUTT will also be co-hosting gay pride weekend at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs on November 6th, 7th, and 8th 2009. We will be celebrating the BUTT porn program with two screenings of our favorite films from the lineup on Friday and Saturday night.

As enthusiastic international travelers who jet from city to city in search of fascinating fags to interview and beautiful cocks to photograph for BUTT Magazine, we often find ourselves alone and horny in hotel rooms. Sometimes, the only option left for sweet release is delving into the often-disappointing world of hotel gay porn pay-per-view films. If our hotel actually has a selection — many hotel porn systems are owned by religious groups who allow heterosexual porn, but no homo — there’s never a description of what the films are about, and sometimes there isn’t even a picture so you can see who’s in it. When you finally choose a film, you learn it’s just another boring, generic gay porn.

Being longtime connoisseurs of classic gay porn, BUTT was thrilled when the always innovative Ace Hotel approached us to curate a program of amazing gay porn for their adult on-demand service. The names of our favorite directors and actors (many of whom have been featured in BUTT) quickly popped into our heads: Al Parker, Jack Deveau, Joe Gage, Bruce LaBruce, Slava Mogutin, Buck Angel, Latino Fan Club, Arpad Miklos, and Zack Randall. Some of the films chosen include classics like Born To Raise Hell, The Pizza Boy: He Delivers, and Inches, along with newer films like Homopunx, and Men’s Room: Bakersfield Station. There’s something to satisfy every sexual taste – vanilla sex, S&M, black guys, white guys, latino guys, preppies, hairy guys, Europeans, men with pussies, solo-sucking, fisting, and 3-D cumshots! What’s more all of these films are hot and compelling enough to watch until ‘The End.’

This program is part of the Ace Hotel’s initiative to make the in-house on-demand system match the innovative personal aesthetic of the rest of the hotel’s design. Independent cinema from established and up-and coming directors will also be available in the non-porno section of the on-demand system. ‘We see this system as an innovation in guest experience and a way to create a new forum for independent filmmakers,’ says Ace co-owner Alex Calderwood. To our recollection, no other hotel has ever attempted something of it’s kind, or invited anyone to personally curate it’s gay porn films.

We hope you’ll want to enjoy as much of the BUTT-curated program as you can when you’re at the Ace Hotel, but please don’t use all your energy. You never know when that bellboy who’s bringing your room service is gonna suddenly start ripping your clothes off! It happens! We totally saw it in this porno movie once….

Born To Raise Hell (1975)
A Night At the Adonis (1978)

Al Parker’s Inches (1979)

BUTT Magazine Selects: J.D. Cadinot Shorts Collection

The Bigger The Better (1984)
The Pizza Boy: He Delivers (1986)

A Young Man From Nantucket (1998) and Solosexual (2003)

Hooked on Hispanics (1990)

Skin Gang (1999)

BUTT Magazine Selects: The Best of Michael Lucas

Men’s Room: Bakersfield Station (2004)

Take Em Down (2004)

Buck Off! (2006)

Buck Angel was fast on his way to becoming a big time female supermodel when he decided to change his sex and became a hot cigar smoking daddy. He describes himself as ‘the man with the pussy’ and by his reckoning, he’s the only female-to-male transsexual porn star in the business. He actually looks so much more like a rough and mean daddy top than most ‘macho’ porn stars, despite the fact that he has a fully functioning vagina. In this film Buck eagerly takes on four men of different body types, races, and ages. Featuring a soundtrack from L.A. performance sensation Jer Ber Jones. Check out BUTT 19 at to read our interview with Buck from 2007.

Homopunx (2008) 3-D Gay Porn: Volume 1 3-D Gay Porn: Volume 2

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