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ISRAEL Interview

Lately I have been getting many more people from Israel interested in me and my work. It is really cool to see a country in the Middle East have an interest in my work because to be honest I really thought because of it being so religous there is no way they would even allow me to be seen there. But I guess I was wrong. I have been in contact with some people there who would like to have me come and speak and maybe even perform. I also had someone write an article about me and how i have influenced them. I had it translated so I hope you enjoy it. The website and writer are Lee Sever http://www.gogay.co.il/content/article.asp?id=7917

Translation from Hebrew

Buck Angel – Porno Star
Buck Angel is the first, most famous and most successful transsexual man in the entire mainstream porn industry. "The moment he came into my life, he became a symbol and banner for gender freedom and the ability to design one's body and gender in any way I chose."

By Lee Sever
Monday, 23 February 2009

A short biography of Buck
Buck Angel was born with female anatomy, and lived for many years as a woman. In numerous interviews as well as on his official website, he stated that even before he was aware that the possibility existed for a sex-change operation, he felt uncomfortable with his body and gender.
This discomfort increased beyond depression, and found expression in destructive behaviors of alcohol and drug addiction. During the time Buck lived as a woman, he worked as a model, with contracts with two of the largest, best known agencies – Elite Model Management and Z Agency, London. Nevertheless, Buck was unhappy.
The change in Angel's life came about after he saw a movie about a transsexual man, which was a kind of revelation for Buck. After this, his path to change was clear. He could see that this was the path he had been on his entire life, from childhood and adolescence as a tomboy to an androgynous woman and, finally, as a man. Buck began hormone treatment, and underwent an operation two years later to shape a masculine chest. At the same time, Buck began a painstaking physical training regimen which he currently maintains, to create the body of the man he had always dreamed of being.

A refreshing change in the porn industry
After his change, Buck began to act in porn films, mainly in the fetish genre. But when he realized that there were hardly any porn films featuring transsexual men in the industry in general and on the web in particular, he was determined to bring about a change. This decision led him to build his website in 2003, www.Transexual-Man.com - and: the rest is history. The website was a huge success, and Buck began to see his dream come true: the creation of hot porn which was not an underground movement or a freak show.

Buck is now famous throughout the world, and is considered a star of the industry. He appeared in the "Adventures of Allanah' Starr's Big Boob" together with Allanah Starr and Wendy Williams, two transsexual women, in a scene which was the first of its kind in the industry. There had never before been a scene on film featuring a transsexual man with a transsexual woman. Buck was signed by leading companies in the field, and in 2007, was the first transsexual man to be named "Transsexual Performer of the Year" at the AVN awards, the porn industry's "Oscars," which until then had been awarded only to transsexual women.

Buck was nominated for the same prize in 2008 and again in 2009. In 2009 he was nominated for the Most Outrageous Scene at the AVN prize ceremony for a scene in which he performs with another transsexual man. Buck continues to lead the revolution in the porn industry and advance the status of transsexual men in the world of porn.

Buck and I
Why Buck Angel? As someone who has never been a porn consumer, whose lack of comfort with one's own body and sexuality stand out so much in my daily life, my chances of being exposed to porn or to Buck Angel were slim indeed. I can't clearly remember the first time I heard his name, but the moment he came into my life, he became a symbol and a banner for gender freedom and the way to shape my body and gender any way I choose. Buck calls himself "The Man with a Pussy," a definition with tremendous freedom, freedom which I have not dared to take in my present life. In the "rainbow community," the necessity of choosing between "blue" and "pink" remains a permanent trouble for me.

To state the obvious, not every transgender or transsexual man has female anatomy, or chooses the identity that Buck took for himself. To go even further, for at least part of the trans community, this declaration can be taken as disrespectful or arouse dysphoria. But that's not the situation for me. The combination of Buck's looks in photos and films along with the interviews in which I heard him speak, give me both tremendous strength and hope, as well.

Buck's revolutionary identity makes it possible for me to believe that one day, I, too, will be able to create a new identity that suits me, that I will be able to come out of the closet with my masculinity and my femininity and feel comfortable, that I have the possibility of building up a masculine body with all the means at my disposal while still maintaining my self-definition as a femme. That the masculine shirt and binder during the day will easily change into the pink body suit, black stockings, sequined hair elastic and point shoes during my ballet lessons.

Knowing Buck
I have known/been acquainted with "Buck Angel – Porn Star" for a long time. The moment I heard about him, my interest grew, and he became one more source of inspiration in my life. But this is not my only acquaintance with him. Buck's personality projects so much light and happiness that it gives the feeling that I know him from up close, and not only as the porn star he is. He maintains an official fan site and a frequently-updated personal blog, which allows readers to get to know him better and become acquainted with his daily life. He has been interviewed dozens of times, with no subject a taboo.

To define Buck Angel as merely a porn star, in the best case is imprecise, and in the worst case, denigrates the value of his work, because, for his entire life, Buck Angel has been a groundbreaker in pop culture and in the history of transgenders. He has changed the gender perception of so many people as a transgender star in the porn industry.

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