Monday, August 18, 2008

Buck The WORLD

I just returned from my month long trip to NYC and Edinburgh. I am totally wiped out. I am not sure people realize how hard it is to travel these days. Seems like the flights are always delayed for one reason or another. My flight to NYC was totally delayed to the extent of having to take a bus from Allentown PA where we were diverted to La Gaurdia. But I did make it and started my rehearsals with Jim Rose for the"STAIRWAY TO HELL" show we did at the Edinburgh Festival.

While in NYC I did some shows at the BOX like I always do. I love performing there. I have met so many great people.

Then who comes up to me and says he is a huge fan of mine but Gregg Valentino!! OMG I was so star struck the man is awesome. And he just gave me so many compliments on my body and made me feel so good about how I have worked so hard on it and coming from a man in the pro body building curcuit..well all I can say is WOOF!! to you man. Here is a photo of us!

Then it was off to a great party for my great friend Allanah Starr. It was her birthday party at Lucky Changs. I had so much fun seeing all the hot trans girls. And they made me feel so welcome. I did a little strip tease for them on stage then took a bunch of pics with the hot girls.

Then it's off to Scotland to the Edinburgh Festival. I worked every night non stop. Here are some pics of the show and of the performers I performed with. Including one of Jim Rose and his wife Bebe, Stormy Leather and Amelia Danger

Watch for the video I will posting of me behind the scenes of the show getting ready to perform!

I also did an interview with Lily Dumont for the SKINNY magazine in Scotland. It should be out in October I think. It was a really fun interview and she used a recorder that was from the 80's which was really cool. Here is a photo of us.

I filmed tons of new stuff for my membership site so make sure you go check it out at

Thanks for supporting my work. lots of new and exciting stuff happening in my world. I will tell you about as soon as it is confirmed!!


Buck Angel

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