Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alaska with Buck Angel

All I can say is WOW! Alaska is so awesome. I cannot believe I have never been before. The mountains and glaciers are just mind blowing. I had been on a cruise before in Mexico and said I would never go on a cruise again because it was so gross..on many levels. But this cruise was the BEST. I went on a Celebrity Cruise. That ship is first class. The food was perfect. They had a great gym. I worked out two times a day. I did a spinning class in the morning and a weight workout at night. Bad thing is a returned with a cold..UGG!! I think I did not rest enough. But how could I with so much to see. I highly recommend this cruise!

I just put up a new photo galley for you to see all my amazing photos of my Alaska trip . I even put some pics of me in my suit looking like a "normal" guy:) Click here

BUT the BEST part of my trip was this amazing place I found in Ketchikan Alaska called Dolly's House(google it). It is an old brothel( or whore house as I like to call it!) Just amazing. So historical and Dolly was so amazing. The history of this place is so cool. I took a tour and filmed some of the house so I could make a small movie for you to see. You can also see photos in the photo gallery above.

I have another video I am making of the glaciers next.

Well now I am on my way to NYC for 5 days then off to Edinburgh for the festival. Hope to see some of you there.


Buck Angel

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