Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just returned from my London/NYC trip. I was on the road for 12 days which always takes me away from my web stuff because life on the road is so exhausting. Well I already wrote about London so I will tell you a bit about my time in NYC which is always fun.

First the BOX always takes great care of me and put me up at the Maritime Hotel. They have these awesome windows in the room that are like portholes on a ship. So I took a photo of mself the first day I got there. Then I had a photo shoot with my photographer buddy Micheal Alago. He is so cool. I have his photo on my new business card.

So I got an email from a reality show that might want to have me on. I am not going to say much more about it but if it happens this could be totally awesome for me. The exposure would be huge. I have been working with my buddy Figs in London on a show for me. He works really hard for me because he believes I have something positive to bring to the world of television!

I performed everynight at the BOX. It is a place of celebrities and good looking people. My friend Molly Crabapple the artist is there all the time now sketching the shows and the people who are there. I was lucky enough to see her. She was so surprised to see me because I did not let anyone know I was going to be there. She made this awesome sketch of my show.

I also got to meet Johnny Fayva who was part of the show. He is totally amazing, Check out his website it is great. He is so fucking funny and a really cool guy.

My new movie EVEN MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK 2 has just been released. You can get it at my shop. I really appreciate you all supporting my work. Times are tough I know that, Thanks to this fucked up government but you know we all need porn!

I just signed up for my new webcam shows that I will be doing on Flirt 4 Free. Check me out there after May 22 I will be going on fulltime.

This is a great photo David Hawe in Toronto took of me when I was there performing. Some were published in FAB magazine there.

I have tons of great new footage for my reality show on transexual-man.com so go check out the site. It is the only website of it's kind on the net. You won't be disappointed. It is ALL exclusive and you very rarely get that anymore.

Also the second half of my interview I did at AIDS COMMITTEE TORONTO has been posted here

Off to NYC again in a couple days will check in when on the road. I am sure I forgot to tell you something so if I remember I will post again before I leave.


Buck Angel


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