Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GAYVn Awards and Interviews

Back home now from my long 3 week trip to Amsterdam, NYC and SF. I didn't win at the GAYVN awards, I was a bit bummed because we had put so much into BUCKBACK MOUNTAIN and I really felt like it is such a great production and film that we had such a great chance of winning. The film that beat us was NAKED BOYS SINGING from TLA. I just don't understand. That to me is not porn. It is a broadway musical?? Oh well I guess it is just meant to be. Like I said being a pioneer in GAY porn is always an uphill battle. Congrats to TLA!

While I was in SF I shot for a TV show that will be airing in SPAIN. let us shoot in their new ARMORY home! WOW what an amazing space. The interview was great and I will be posting the video on my reality show inside

One of the highlights of my SF trip was seeing Armistead Maupin again with his husband Chris. They are so amazing. I also got to hang out with Lady Bunny a bit. She was one of the hosts of the show. This is a great pic of us. But damn I look small!


Also another highlight was meeting with artist Jonothan Solo. He is a big fan of mine and I am of his! He is doing some drawings of me for his next show. If you don't know who he is check him out on his my space. We just clicked when we met. I feel so honored to have him doing a piece on me. It is going to blow the world away! Here is a cool photo he took for one of the drawings.

jonothan solo

While I was in NYC working at the BOX. I got to do some radio shows. HERE TV is such a great supporter of my work they always have me on when I am there. I love them! So they have a new show called "The Ben and Dave Show" and I was a mystery guest on it.

Here is the podcast it is pretty funny I am sure you will enjoy it! It is show #14

Ben and Dave Show

I also was on the Derek and Romain Show while there. They were the hosts this year for the GAYVN awards show. I guess people were pissed because Kathy Griffin was not the host again this year and they were getting dogged out. But I thought they did a great job! Good for you guys for not letting that get you down. Believe me I totally understand what you went through. People talk shit about me all the time in the "community" I fucking hate communities. They always dog you out when you start to become successful. They should be supporting us for what we do!

My buddy Ian Harvie had me on his show in Los Angeles a couple months ago. He just got the clips up now. Check it out. I really thought it came out great!

Ian Harvie Show

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As always.. WOOF!!

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