Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Buck Loves Toronto

WOW! What a great time I had in Toronto. I was there to perform at the Northbound Leather Show and boy did I show them a show they will never forget. So I flew in On Friday Oct. 20 and picked up at the airport by Kenny lee. What a great guy, He basically became my personal guide for Toronto and was so there for me. I felt like a star! He then checked me into my hotel and took me over to NBL for my fitting. Marty Rotman the designer of the line is so amazing. First totally cool and second a great designer. So after we got that taken care of we went over to the gay radio station Pride FM. My buddy Shaun Proulx who runs is on at the best time so he invited me to join them. After that I was so exhausted I had to go to my room to nap because that night Kenny Lee had a big party lined up for me at his home. he said he had originally invited like 25 people but everyone was so excited to meet me that his guest list was like over 100.

So after my nap Kenny picked me up and off to the party we went. Really great people in Toronto. The party was fun and packed. Though no one really came up to me for a while I think they were a bit shy. But people don't understand I am a very easy going guy and love to talk to people so if you ever see me please don't be shy come say hi!

I ended up staying at the party till 3am doing some hot cigar ash play with Gloria and Alex. Two very cool people. And then there in Lena Love..well just look her up she is pretty amazing!

So after a long sleep the next day I had a show with the SEXTV people. We did this really great interview with Nina Arsenault Canada's most famous Transsexual! What a fox! WOW she looks amazing and is so smart. I love beauty and brains! So we did a sort of Q&A between us and SEXTV just loved it. I also thought it was so cool. So I will let you know what will happen with that. After that Kenny picks me up we get a bite and then off to the NBL rehearsal. I did not really have to be there because I was doing a solo show and also they really just didn't want to know what I was going to do I think they wanted me to surprise them. Ok so now I need to sleep and Kenny takes me back to my room..oh wait one really important thing I damn hemorroid! I hope you never get one of those. I got it from changing my diet to close to travel. I had been working out hard and cut out carbs which in turn fucked up my poop! Bad news for all. Kenny had to take me to the clinic in Toronto to get medicine because Prep H sucks!! Anyway it is finally better but I was in so much pain!! Try travling with that little fella, Not fun!

So show night is here and I have to be at the show 4 hours before. I hate that but understand when you are doing a big show like that. So waiting and waiting, My show is suppose to go on at 1am but doesn't go till like 2am but when i went on the crowd went crazy and I saw their faces when i was performing and I know Toronto has never seen anything like me before! They will never forget that! I had a great time and who knows I might be back next year! This is a pick of Nina and I at the show

Buck and Nina at NBL

So after the show I was totally exhausted and was in my dressing relaxing and Bootblack Eli came to do my boots what a treat! he is the Bootblack Toronto 2007

So on sunday I slept all day. I did not get home until 6am from the show. My buddies in Toronto Sergio and Todd picked me up and we went out to eat and walked around. We tried to go to the Black Eagle but there was a line and I hate waiting in line!

So after a bit more walking I went back to my room to pack and I was off the next to to London. I bought a new pair of earphones the noise cancel kind in the airport and fucking left them on the plane. i am so mad. I had taken a sleeping pill to relax and then I was so spacey when I got off the plane. Oh well better those than my passport! Maybe someone will send me a gift!

OK off to rehearse my show for HARDON saturday night then relax a bit more and start at the gym again now that my ass feels better:)

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