Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Buck Angel Trademarked

Sorry for the long time between posts. I have been very busy resting here in mexico before I take off again in a couple weeks for NYC again. I will be performing at the Box for one week.
Also great news! My trademark for Buck angel has finally come through. My name is now officially a trademark. I am so happy because people are using my name an images left and right without my permission. Not cool!! Now I have a legal right to stop them.
I have also been traveling a bit here in mexico. Took a couple days to go to Tulum. It’s an amazing beach area about 3 hours from my home.
Here are some photos of the cenotes and me relaxing!

I have been taking some time to start redoing my websites with more links to great porn. I just redid my website

called FTMPORN.com

Please check it out it has all the FTM porn I could find on the net. you can see and download all the movies!


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