Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Amateur

Amateur Porn

Remember awhile back when I told you a horror story about filming a scene and then the guy tried to blackmail me? Well here he is, in all his glory! This weeks update on features the latest complete amateur to show up at my door...

This guy was from Austria and was completely scared the moment he walked through the door. The scene was simple - a side-by-side jackoff, then I climbed on top of him for a quick fuck. Well he was quick all right, almost a Minute Man if you know what I mean, then he couldn't run out of there fast enough.

The backstory is that the next day he sent me a grammatically-challenged and misspelling-filled email from a "lawyer" threatening me, asking for $2000 and destruction of the tape. Ha ha, yeah sure. His attempt at blackmail was as amateurish as his performance in porn. Check it out today!

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