Monday, November 13, 2006

Buck's Coming to LA

Buck Angel BTS

It's time again to visit Los Angeles to do some pressing of the flesh... both on video and in person of course!

Wanna be in a Buck Angel Entertainment release? Then click on the "Wanna Be a Pornstar" link on the right for all of the pertinent info. I'm always looking for guys, girls, transsexuals, basically anyone and everyone who wants to shoot with me! Just be safe, sane and sexy!

We're starting to schedule shoots now for the last week of November (after all the turkey-and-tryptophan-induced coma has worn off) and the first few days of December, so if you're available drop my assistant an email:

Yes, this is a paying gig. Yes, this is a hardcore video. Yes, we have rules. Check out that Wanna Be a Pornstar link for everything you need to know then drop us a line. I'm looking forward to working with you!



Buck Angel

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