Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hot New Shoots!

Buck Angel 70s Pornstar

It's been a really great week here so far in Los Angeles - I've gotten to see so many of my friends and doing the KSEX and RingMyBell shows was awesome! I'm making lots of great connections with other folks in the industry so stay tuned, there's going to be a LOT more Buck in your face in the future...

This week was exhausting for shooting - I shot two scenes literally back-to-back over the weekend which is always exhausting for me, and for my pussy! Two great and very different guys. One you've seen before in photos (if you're a member of transexual-man.com) and one I've never worked with before. The opposite ends of the spectrum too - one very clean-cut white twink boy and one femmy-cute size-queen black boy. Lots of sucking and stroking and they both fucked me hard! There's also going to be some great behind-the-scenes footage from these shoots, we had a great time working with these two guys and it will definitely show in the upcoming video.

There's still time if anyone else wants to work with me - drop me a line at buckangel@buckangel.com!



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Mistress Nikki Nefarious said...

Such a fan...I love what you do and how you do it. I think it is awesome that you are doing your thing and making a whole new genre in porn...pretty damned awesome!!