Monday, August 28, 2006

Gym Day!

Working out at the gym in Mexico is always a trip. People look at me funny. I think I stick out here. My spanish is not that great yet so I really can't talk to many people except to say hi "Buenos Dias" or "Como Esta".

Today when I came into the gym there were very few people. Which is the way I like it because I can get a great workout in without having to share the machines. So as I went over to the area to warm up there was a very large young guy. He was really overweight and you could tell he was very uncomfortable. So I really felt for him and in my crappy spanish was like "Hey hows it going". He was so blown away that I even gave him the time of day. It was very interesting to watch how no one would even get next to him. How he felt really out of place.
It was great to see him trying. I guess what I am trying to say is that I sort of bonded with this guy because I totally know what he is going through. How he feels out of place. Like it's not his body. He was probably like 300 lbs. I don't think he expected me to talk to him. So the whole time during my workout he would just smile at me. It felt really good that I made him smile. I could tell he wanted to talk but that was not going to happen with my spanish.

So I finished my workout and headed out the door and I looked over and there he was waving good bye to me. That made my day!


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