Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Big Tad

Tad the Mastiff

This is my newest bud, Tad. He's a Fila Mastiff - a Brazilian breed - and he's amazing. He needs a lot of love and care, when I found him he was starving and almost dead, but he's gonna have a great home now! He's an amazing watchdog (as you can imagine... would you want to take on a 170 pound dog?) and I'm as happy to have found him as he is to have found me.

I thought I was just going to have the army of Chihuahuas roaming the property, but Tad fits in really well.



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lone*gunwoman said...

Wow, awesome dog! :)
We love dogs, can't wait to see the whole bunch!


Homer said...

Congrats in adopting Tad. At least to me, makes you an ever better person. I have 8 fellas that were on the edge of falling apart, and tho being a lot of work, animals r much better than a lot of people.